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Indoor Powerplay 2020

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Indoor Powerplay 2020 event

Check This Out !

Fly “Powerplay” 16 ways in the biggest wind tunnel in the world !

Clymb is now the largest wind tunnel in the world. Located in Abu Dhabi (Emirates), this incredible tunnel allows us to fly 16 ways with comfort in a super nice air flow. Don’t miss this invitational event at any cost ! It really worth it …

Awesome sequential intricate 16 ways

Let’s Powerplay indoor !

Price : 875 Eur / 960 USD

Including coaching fees + 4h40 min of Tunnel time

Invitational event

=>3 Teams / 42 slots !

=> we have extended to a 4th team ! = 56 slots

=> we have extended to a 5th team ! = 70 slots !

Unrivaled Quality

=>16 ways = 14 invited players + 2 coaches on each team

Our team is comprised of the most experienced tunnel coaches for 16 way indoor !

We have gathered one of the highest skilled coaching gang you may find in the world for this event. Our expertise in coaching/flying indoor/outdoor 8 way/16 ways makes our coaching team being on the top of the game for such an event.
We are all former (or actual) world class 4/8 way competitors.
We could have called more world champions fellows to give a help but this will be for the future events with more teams !:)

Dan Brodsky Chensfield

4/8 way world champion.


Marco Arrigo

4/8 way Italian national champion. World meet Bronze medalist in 8 way

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Damien Sorlin

8 way world champion


Martial Ferré

4/8 way world champion.


Dieter Kirsch

4/8 way German national champion.

Roy Jansen

Roy Janssen

4 way world champion


Sian Stokes & Ian "Milko" Hodgkinson

UK national champions. World class competitors.

Polo Grisoni

polo Grisoni

4/8 way french national champion. World meet Bronze medalist in 8 way and Silver medalist in 4 way.

% of assigned slots
Comfirmed applications
Indoor Powerplay

Total slots available : 70
We have open a 5th team !


Hotel Parkinn Radisson on Yas Island is probably the best option for lodging over there. This hotel has good prices and is located in the area of the tunnel in a nice place with restaurants and bars.

It takes around 35 min to get to the tunnel by walk (that’s the best warm up you can have ;)!

It takes just 7 minutes by taxi which costs only 3 eur. The taxis in there are cheap. No nead to rent a car. Airport is just 10 min away also.

Points of interests in Abu Dhabi

There are a lot to see around in Abu Dhabi.

The great thing you don’t want to miss is the Sheik Zayed Mosque. It’s really impressive …

You also may visit the malls or have fun at the Ferrari world which is just connected at the Wind tunnel !:)

And of course the Louvre museum is also a nice place to visit if you like the arts.

And plenty of bars or nice places to eat are all around. The sea is also close by if you want to have a swim !

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